Mon, 27 May 2024

Our Track Record
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IQRA ASIA’s team has been involved namely; in the areas of curriculum development , teacher training and distribution of publications from IQRA USA. Through providing such specialised services, IQRA’ ASIA endeavours to encourage a more systematic and multi-dimensional approach to both the teaching and learning of Islamic knowledge. A brief write-up on some of our achievements are listed below:

  • Since 2009, our team has developed four Teacher’s Guide (approximately 500 pages each) for the Sirah & Hadith series produced by IQRA’ International Educational Foundation, USA. In 2012, our team is completing the development of two additional Teachers’ Manual, and thereby completing the Teachers’ Guides for the Sirah and Hadith series ranging from Grade One to Grade Six.
  • In the same year, IQRA’ ASIA started importing IQRA USA’s publications for a few of the weekend madrasah in Singapore and was soon appointed as the official distributor of IQRA publications in South-East Asia.


  • IQRA’ ASIA was also awarded a contract by Majlis Ugama Singapura (MUIS) to develop training materials and conduct workshops for asatizah teaching the a.LIVE programme. The courses conducted, mainly in 2010, include:
    • - Teaching the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w
    • - Teaching Stories from the Qur’an
    • - Teaching Islam in English
    • - Introducing Problem based Learning“

  • IQRA ASIA & IQRA USA jointly conducted training workshops for Indonesian Australia Language Foundation (IALF) in Denpasar, Bali in 2009. This was as a follow-up to workshops conducted the previous year whose attendees were Master Trainers who were attending English language training courses organized by IALF.  

Our team members’ role was to train the master trainers on how to select and evaluate training materials and to provide feedback on supplementary materials the trainers were developing to promote the usage of English language.

  • IQRA’ ASIA has also conducted workshops on Advanced Androgrogy and Effective Communication for PERGAS (Persatuan Ulama Dan Guru-Guru Agama Islam Singapura) in 2009.