Wed, 24 Jul 2024

Curriculum Development & Customization
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IQRA ASIA is well-equipped to undertake any task related to the design, develop and customization of Islamic curriculum for this region as well as the international market.

What services do we offer under curriculum development, customization and implementation?

The range of services varies depending on the needs of the client. A comprehensive review, design, development and implementation would entail some or all of the following: 

  • Conducting a study and review of present curriculum
  • Understanding the new requirements and providing recommendation
  • Developing conceptual design based on approved review and recommendations
  • Developing or revising  existing curriculum (including syllabi, textbooks, workbooks and teachers’ guides)
  • Transfer of technology to the client’s team by including them in the process of review, design and implementation
  • Implementation of the new or revised curriculum (including training, classroom observations etc).

Alternatively, the client may already have a comprehensive programme, but wish to enhance their curriculum by incorporating some of the relevant IQRA’ publications. Our team will then revise the process for the client accordingly.

Click to see sample curriculum developed for Teachers' Manual and Workbook