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Boy from Makkah
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ID : Y6000
Title : Boy from Makkah
By : Dr. Muhammad Abdo Yamani
Binding : HB
Weight (g) : 339
Price : Please email to if you wish to enquire the pricing.

Short extract from the novel: {...his eyes strained towards a far away place, he pointed to it and whispered ..."This is the house of God."

It was like a revelation. I seemed to forget everything around me, even my very self, and melt into the spectacle. I forgot the family I had left behind, my brothers and friends in Beni Fahan, my life in that village and our little house in the open fields. I could see nothing except Makkah, now in full view, the Grand Mosque with its hgh minarets and its tall buildings, and the House of God, in its midst, in all of its awesome splendour.  The image passed into my soul forever.....unconsciously, tears began to trickle down my face. The place suddenly felt so near, so familiar, though I had never been to it before....}.

This is the English translation of the Arabic novel al-Yad as-Suflah (The Lower Hand) by Dr Abdo Yamani. The story unfolds the biography of a young boy who was deprived of opportunities but who achieved high distinctions, success in his career and a lasting love thru his strong faith, patience, perseverance and fortunate encounters with generous Makkah patrons. At long last, a novel that embodies the Arab-Islamic qualities of modesty and sincerity that love really entails.