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First Steps in Arabic Grammar
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ID : Y5210
Title : First Steps in Arabic Grammar
By : Yasien Mohamed & Muhammed Haron
ISBN : 1563160161
Binding : PB
Weight (g) : 827
Price : Please email to if you wish to enquire the pricing.

First Steps in Arabic Grammar Part One, is a grammar manual/textbook (257 pages), written and field tested by two South African professors of Arabic. It is written in simple language and rules of grammar gradually explained in a clear, concise language so that both young students and adult learners can understand and follow it without much difficulty.

This book is a part of IQRA's Program of Arabic Studies, but it can be followed as an independent textbook an Arabic grammar for adults. For the students who have studied IQRA' Arabic Reader series, this volume provides a natural transition to a formal introduction to Arabic grammar.

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