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Those Promised Paradise Vol I
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ID : Y1311
Title : Those Promised Paradise Vol I
By : Noura Durkee
ISBN : 1563163748
Binding : PB
Weight (g) : 483
Price : Please email to if you wish to enquire the pricing.

This is a inspirational series  (five volumes) on the lives of the Sahabah whose biographies have been adapted by the author from reliable sources (Arabic and Urdu) and then presented these stories in an engaging and comprehensive way. The generation of companions stood by him during the most testing times and each of their stories are examples of unconquerable faith. When describing his Sahabah, Rasulullah s.a.w remarked: “ The best generation is mine, then those who will follow; then those who will follow them” (Sahih Muslim 6:159)

This unique book Those Promised Paradise is the first volume in IQRA's series entitled Stories of the Sahabah as adapted by Mrs. Noura Durkee. This volume contains the biographies of twenty-one intimate Sahabah who were promised their place in Paradise. A more famous Hadith on this subject promises Jannah to ten Sahabah, popularly known as al-'Ashrah al-Mubashshirah. There are other traditions which mention the name of other Sahabah and Sahabiyat who were promised Jannah in their life time or soon after their death. We believe that all the Sahabah of Rasulullah e will enter Jannah; in this volume, we have included only those chosen ones who heard the good news from the Prophet e himself.

Also check out the other volumes in this series : (Note promotional price of $15/-per volume is applicable when all five volumes are purchased as a set)

THE FIRST ONES  (vol II) – provides details on 18 sahabah who were closest to Rasulullah s.a.w  in the early years of prophethood in Makkah, To avoid repetitition, those Sahabah who have arealdy been included in the Vol I have not been included in this volume.

THE LOYAL ANSAR vol III – contains the beautifully written biographies of the 19 ansars who were the Prophet s.a.w’s major supporters in the city of Madinah.These biographies of the Ansar include Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, Mu'adh ibn Jabal, Umm Imarah, Hudhayfah and many more.

HEARTS HAVE CHANGED vol IV – This volume contains the biographies of seventeen sahabah of the Prophet s.a.w who testified to the truth of Islam after their hearts were opened by the mercy of Allah s.w.t.  It describes their lives before Islam, the circumstances surrounding their acceptance and how they lived on the path of Allah s.w.t thereafter.

THE TORCHBEARERS OF ISLAM  vol V.- This volume provides inspiring  stories about twelve sahabah, who were strove to spread the message of Islam. With courage, wisdom and undying devotion, these “ambassadors of Islam” gave their best efforts, and in some cases their lives, to live the din of Islam, calling people not  only by overt means, but through their  own examples.